The Explore+Discover approach focuses on professional staff, social learning, a beautiful facility and a vibrant parent community—the bedrock of a great experience for our youngest children.

Professional Teachers

Our teachers are the heart of Explore+Discover. They are all trained and experienced in early childhood education and dedicated to E+D’s social learning approach, which is focused on interaction and exploration. Each classroom has at least two to three dedicated professionals as a part of the teaching team.

Our teachers are also lifelong learners. Explore+Discover supports their professional development by encouraging teacher attendance at workshops and conferences and weekly team meetings.

Engaging Environment

Every detail of our center is designed to enhance the learning experience of infants and toddlers. The beauty of our classrooms and the natural materials we provide nurture each child’s curiosity and creativity.


Our environment, for example is ideal for babies to crawl, walk, rest, have meals and make friends—all under the guidance of our staff. Designed for sensory learning, our space allows teachers and children to create experiences of sight, sound and touch. Explore+Discover also works to connect students daily to the natural world by introducing elements such rocks, sticks, flowers and leaves.


The center is not only stimulating; it is designed to support the highest level of childcare. Age-appropriate classrooms are established along with lovely cribs, eating areas and places for parents and children to nest comfortably.

Social Learning

Social learning is crucial to the development of the whole child and in the right environment babies develop important attachments to caretakers and other children. From birth, children are interested in faces, feelings and the companionship of others.

We support infants and toddlers further by using a best practices approach with inspirations from RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) and Reggio Emilia.

Nurturing Community

Parents are our partners and are always welcome to visit. We encourage them to join our vibrant and caring community because these relationships strengthen the E+D family and help each child establish a healthy emotional foundation that supports future learning had happiness.

Our center also serves as a parent resource through:

  • Parent education classes
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Ongoing teacher documentation
  • Bi-yearly developmental assessments called Ages+Stages
  • Ongoing, daily teacher documentation with narrative, pics and videos via our online communication tool powered by Brightwheel

What can young children do?

Infants enter the world with musical roots in place. At E +D we nurture their fascination with sound, delight in movement, and capacity to use hands to make music. Teachers respond sensitively to deepen their experiences.
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