Highly Trained Professionals. Dedicated To Teaching.

We are honored to be your child’s first home away from home - and to develop a caring, nurturing relationship that will last a lifetime.

At the heart of Explore+Discover centers are teachers, trained and experienced in early childhood education and dedicated to our social learning approach that is focused on interaction, exploration and guided learning.

Each day our teachers spend time observing and listening to children, learning about their interests and charting their development. We see parents as partners in this process and seek to share information about the daily life of students through documentation, assessment and dialogue.

A Team In Every Classroom

Each classroom has three dedicated professionals, two Head Teachers and one Associate Teacher. This includes Head Teachers with master’s degrees in early childhood education as well as related certifications.

Two assistants, who have bachelor degrees and/or years of experience working with infants and toddlers, support this teacher.

Always Learning. Professional Development.

Our teachers are lifelong learners. Throughout the year, Explore+Discover teachers expand their knowledge of early childhood education by attending formal lectures, professional conferences and onsite weekly team meetings, visiting other schools and accessing our own professional development library.

As a team, we evaluate the latest scientific discoveries on early childhood education and brain development to put proven theories into practice in our classrooms. We work to share information with parents so we can work together to nurture the creative lives of children.

Each summer, Explore+Discover also hosts the Creative Brain Institute, a conference in New York, which brings together some of the best minds in infant toddler education and neuroscience to inform and inspire our work with children and families.

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Talk Matters

"Children whose teachers talk to them a lot (and many don’t!) have higher scores on tests of both verbal and general ability. This is especially the case when the talking consists of the teacher encouraging, questioning, and guiding the children’s exploration and learning."

Shonkoff and Philipps,
Neurons to Neighborhoods