Dedication and Experience

Our responsive curriculum and approach to early childhood education empowers our teachers and staff to engage infants and toddlers in a way that stimulates their natural curiosity and growth. We further support our staff through ongoing professional development initiatives.

Renee Bock - Educational Director

A passionate and devoted early childhood educator, Renee has more than a decade of experience working with young children and managing facilities where they learn and grow. Prior to becoming Director of the Children’s Learning Center at Morningside Heights, New York in 2010, she served for seven years as a preschool teacher.

Renee assumed the position of Educational Director at Explore+Discover in 2013 and is specifically charged with defining the educational model and vision for all of its centers, including the flagship facility that opened in September 2014. In her role, Renee will select directors for each center, help to develop the teaching staff and create Explore+Discover’s professional development program.

Renee became an educator after having three sons because she believed that playing guitar and singing with children everyday was essential to raising healthy children and creating a happy, connected school community. She built the Children’s Learning Center around a musical model and intends to share her knowledge and love of music with the whole Explore+Discover community.

Educational Director Renee Bock

She holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College in New York as well as a Master’s Degree in American History from New York University. She has a particular interest in building schools, articulating their vision, developing inspired spaces and selecting outstanding directors and teachers to bring the child’s experience to life. She considers herself a family advocate and a believer in the competence and creativity of our youngest children.

Helping Teachers Growth

Explore+Discover’s commitment to early childhood education is not limited to the work accomplished at our centers during the teaching day. We hope to help professionals everywhere.

Explore+Discover’s pending launch of its first annual Creative Brain Institute conference this summer is a direct result of Renee Bock’s commitment to advance insights into early childhood education and support the continued professional development of her colleagues in her field.

The conference will be held annually in New York and be sponsored by Explore+Discover. The event will bring together some of the best minds in infant and toddler education and neuroscience from across the country and around the world to inform and inspire the Explore+Discover staff and the work it does with children and families.

"The Institute’s conference has tremendous potential to help drive new insights in early childhood education not only for our staff at Explore+Discover but for professionals everywhere," she explained. "This type of conference has the power to help hundreds if not thousands of children and their families enjoy healthier, happier lives."

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Inspiring Best Practices

Planning For Educational Excellence
"The strength of Explore + Discover is that we’re creating bedrock of belief in the abilities of the very young child, in their spark of creativity, and all of our teachers share that belief."

Renee Bock
Explore+Discover Director