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The tuition is based on a student’s individual schedule, whether they attend 2, 3, or 5 days a week, full or half day. Any additional charges for early drop off or late pick up are included as appropriate. Tuition and fees are paid on a monthly basis as follows and are adjusted annually.

For more information on Explore+Discover’s tuition rates, referral program, and other questions you may have please contact our Admissions Department.

Contact Information

Telephone: (646) 810-9257

2018-2019 Monthly Tuition Rates

Full Days (8 am - 6 pm):

  • $3,300: 5 Days A Week
  • $2,280: 3 Days A Week
  • $1,710: 2 Days A Week

Partial Days (8 am - 3 pm):

  • $2,720: 5 Days A Week
  • $1,970: 3 Days A Week
  • $1,320: 2 Days A Week

Additional Time

  • Full Year (5-Day) Early Drop Off (7:30 AM Onward): $3,000
  • Full Year (5-Day) Late Pick Up (6 PM Closure): $3,000
  • Full Year Combined Early Drop Off and Late Pick Up: $5,000

Explore+Discover also offers 5-, 10- and 25-piece packets of coupons that can be applied for either Early Drop Off or Late Pick Up as needed. Please contact us for coupon pricing information.

Sibling Discount: Explore+Discover offers parents a 10% discount for siblings.

Twin Discount: Explore+Discover offers a 20% discount for twins.

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